Quality Wet Paint Finishing in Northwestern Pennsylvania

In addition to wood grain, polyester, and epoxy powder coating solutions, Advanced Finishing is highly experienced in completing medium to high-volume wet paint finishing work. For example, we offer epoxy-based paint applied using a spindle conveyor method that provides a completely flat finish and less than 1% gloss. These jobs are completed on behalf of contractors working directly with the US military. For military work, Advanced Finishing can finish parts with wet paint at volumes ranging into the millions.

When completing wet paint jobs for non-military applications, batch painting is used to finish items ranging from the hundreds to the thousands. Our wet paint application methods can be used on small component parts up to larger substrates that are roughly the size of a breadbasket, which allows for flexibility at our 80,000 square foot facility. We work hard to remain compliant with both employee safety and environmental regulation requirements for wet paint application, emissions, and disposal.

Reasons to Choose Wet Paint Finishing

In addition to a limitless set of color options and seamless color matching capabilities, wet paint finishing is often specified for medium to high volume jobs. This trusted, long-established finishing process works for a variety of applications and can easily be completed for hundreds of thousands and even millions of products in a brief time span. If your company needs medium or high-volume wet paint finishing work completed, we invite you to contact Advanced Finishing [LINK TO CONTACT FORM] for a quote and discussion about your needs.

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Wet Paint Finishing Pre-Treatment Completed In-House or by Trusted Partners in NW PA

While many of the components we complete contract wet paint finishing work for are ready for painting upon delivery, certain metals require pre-treatment before wet paint is applied. Examples of this include military grade aluminum, which must first be chromated. Chromate conversion coating work is completed by one of two trusted local firms who have the requisite equipment and experience to complete these jobs on behalf of Advanced Finishing. Additional wet paint finishing pre-treatments such as zinc phosphating of steel can be done in-house by our expert team prior to finishing the metal with wet paint.

Wet Paint Finishing for Military Applications and More

electron microscopes

Painted Peripherals for Electro Scanning Microscopes

military carc applications

Epoxy Based Chemical Agent Resistant Coating (CARC) for Military Applications

oil and gas applications

Oil & Gas Metering Valve Painting

projectile wet paint finishing

Projectile Wet Paint Finishing

Batch Painting and Military Spec Spindle Conveyor Painting Work in NW PA

As noted above, there are two types of wet paint finishing jobs Advanced Finishing specializes in, and each is performed for different purposes. The first type of work is medium volume wet paint finishing, which is completed via batch painting. The batch painting method involves hanging each item on a cart, painting one at a time, then baking and finishing. This wet paint method can be efficiently completed for hundreds to thousands of products.

Certain jobs, including military spec work, require higher volumes and the method of wet paint application for this work differs from that of batch painting. High volume wet paint finishing includes utilizing a spindle conveyor, putting products through a paint booth, then into an oven, and finally into a reload area. This military wet paint work can be completed for product quantities ranging from tens of thousands into the millions.

At our 80,000 square foot facility, Advanced Finishing can consistently complete wet paint finishing work in Erie, PA with competitive lead times and low costs. We invite you to contact us today to discuss your needs and obtain a quote.

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