Polyester Powder Coating for Indoor and Outdoor Applications

Advanced Finishing stands out as the most experienced Polyester powder coating service provider in the Northeastern USA. We are a powder coating company that puts customers first and is here to help you determine the perfect coating solution for your parts and their intended environment. Polyester powder coating is one of our most popular services thanks to its efficiency, corrosion protection, and viability in UV exposed environments. We powder coat parts in-house at our 80,000 sq ft facility near Erie, PA and serve a variety of industries. 

We are skilled in performing polyester powder coating jobs near Erie, Pennsylvania using two coating methods: fluid bed dip or electrostatic spray. Which of these innovative coating application methods is best for your job will be determined based on your parts or products and their intended use. To help you get acquainted with both processes, we have provided information below.

One of the most popular uses of polyester powder coating is to protect parts exposed to the elements and direct sunlight in outdoor environments. Our polyester powder coating solutions are long-lasting and UV resistant, and they come in an extremely wide range of colors. As we will show you below, the potential use cases for polyester powder coating is almost as vast as the range of attractive colors it can be applied in.

We invite you to contact us today for a powder coating quote that we will offer for a competitive price and with a brief lead time guaranteed.

Polyester Powder Coating: The Workhorse of the Finishing Industry

When customers choose Advanced Finishing for contract powder coating work that requires a robust finish for outdoor applications where durability, UV resistance, and seamless color matching are crucial, we often recommend polyester powder coating. Our team maintains an enormous array of stock colors in our library and experience wrought from years of offering polyester powder coating for projects as large as stadium seating finishing. 

If your job demands a lasting, attractive finish along with competitive lead times for completion, then the Advanced Finishing team is the Northeastern USA powder coating provider to choose. If you would like to learn more about potential applications for this finishing solution, we have included a brief selection of polyester powder coating jobs completed in recent years below.

epoxy and polyester powder coating example

Fluid Bed Dip and Electrostatic Spray Powder Coating Methods

Once we agree that polyester powder coating is the best solution for your equipment, the type of items to be coated will help us determine which application method will be utilized. Thankfully, we have two efficient methods to choose from, which are known as fluid bed dip and electrostatic spray powder coating. 

The first method we will outline is electrostatic spray powder coating. Electrostatic spray powder coating has been an established process since the 1960s, and it is an extremely cost effective and efficient method of applying a uniform 2-4mm powder finish to metal parts. While the process appears similar to spraying wet paint onto a product, this method is more efficient due to the electrostatic process. 

The spray gun creates a corona field, which electrostatically charges the powder it sprays out and makes it attracted to the grounded substrate it is being applied to. Due to this electrostatic attraction process, it is more efficient and cost effective than using spray paint. The coated object is then heated to cause the powder to flow and cure, forming a clean, attractive, and uniform coating that will be exceptionally durable. 

In addition to electrostatic spray powder coating, fluid bed dip is an excellent option for high film build applications. This method uses clean, dry compressed air, or high-speed vibrations to fluidize polyester powder, which melts and sticks to heated objects that are placed into the fluid bed. Once dipped the pre-heated object allows the powder to melt or flow onto the part then it is heated to allow the flowed powder to cure and leave the dipped item with a smooth continuous finish. This process will be repeated as many times as necessary to ensure that the coating is applied to your desired thickness.

Examples of Applications Where Advanced Finishing Utilized Polyester Powder Coating Include:

football stadiums

Football Stadium Seating



medical waste

Medical Waste Receptacles

Hybrid Powder Coating Solutions; Teflon, Kynar, and More

Customers typically contract us to perform polyester powder coating services or epoxy powder coating services separately, however, we do have a hybrid solution available. This hybrid coating is neither standard epoxy powder with its full corrosion resistance nor traditional UV resistant polyester powder. Instead, it combines some of the useful aspects of each and has been used as a coating that protects and improves the aesthetics of indoor office furniture including file cabinets. Although you may find our standard polyester powder to be perfect for your coating needs, we want you to be aware that this hybrid solution from Advanced Finishing exists for scenarios where there is flexibility in choosing the right coating for your parts or products.

In addition to this hybrid powder coating option, we also offer both Teflon and Kynar coatings for metals that need an even more durable protective layer. Kynar is highly durable while Teflon is both UV and chemical resistant. Though polyester powder coatings from Advanced Finishing are typically going to be perfect for your outdoor equipment thanks to its inherent UV protection, these options exist for less common scenarios. Among the benefits of Kynar and Teflon coating services performed by our team is that they can come with a 10–20-year warranty and can be applied in accordance with AAMA standards including AAMA 2604, 2604, and 2605. The use-cases for these coatings are many, including a range of pharmaceutical industry uses and beyond. 

Whether you know you need a polyester powder coating job completed or want to learn more about our hybrid, Teflon, or Kynar coating services, contact AFUSA today!

polyester powder coating example

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