Value Added Finishing Solutions in Northwestern Pennsylvania

Advanced Finishing can provide custom services that go far beyond our elite powder coating and wet paint finishing work. With enormous capacity and state-of-the-art equipment at our 80,000 square foot headquarters near Erie, Pennsylvania, the range of custom value added services we can offer are endless. Our team has been able to provide storage, assembly, distribution services and more to our loyal customers. We gladly accept the challenge of providing custom solutions for our finishing customers, and we invite you to contact us to discuss your company’s unique needs.

The Finishing Problem Solver You Need

Though Advanced Finishing offers a range of value added services, many are related to our world class powder coating solutions. For example, Advanced Finishing has the capacity to receive assembled products, which they can disassemble, powder coat, reassemble, and then either ship the completed product back to the manufacturer or distribute directly to their end customer.

Thanks to our decades of experience and enormous capacity to complete custom finishing work, we can offer a range of a la carte services that will meet the precise needs of any customer. Whether your company needs pre-assembled parts powder coated and shipped back, products inventoried and then shipped directly to customers, or pre-treatment work on metals including zinc phosphating, we have you covered. Advanced Finishing can additionally assist with gasketing work, stenciling, complete packaging solutions, and an unlimited range of custom jobs that you can contact us to discuss.

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Examples of our Custom Value Added Services

At Advanced Finishing the range of value added services our team can provide is limitless. The examples below provide a brief overview of some of the complex value added jobs we have completed in recent years.

Powder Coating inventory control PODs for Amazon

One successful value added job Advanced Finishing completed involved Inventory PODs for a global retailer. We received the fabricated PODs, which were then hung on our line, powder coated, inspected, labeled with multiple labels, placed on skids per specifications, shrink wrapped, and sent via truckload to the contract customer’s site. The customer had us inventory an entire warehouse worth of product before we shipped the finished and completed products directly to their end customers, usually 8-12 truckloads at a time.

Grease Interceptors Powder Coated, Packaged, and Distributed to End Customer

A full-service finishing job saw our team powder coat grease interceptors followed by gasketing, labeling, tapping holes, and packaging the interceptors. We then distributed the powder coated and packaged products back to the customer, and in some cases directly to the end customers. Product sizes ranged from 1 gallon to 5,000 gallon interceptors.

Temporary Storage of Powder Coated Products at Our 80,000 Square Foot Facility

Advanced Finishing has completed finishing jobs that include powder coating products, then storing the finished products until a major online retail and shipping company was prepared to pick them up with their own trucks. Our 80,000 square foot facility in Erie, Pennsylvania provides expansive space allowing our team to add value to our finishing services by offering temporary storage of finished products. Adding dedicated contracted warehouse space to our building can be negotiated.

Masking, Sand Blasting, and Powder Coating Pipe Castings and Inline Mixers

With in-house experts capable of solving complex finishing challenges, we can complete detailed work for a variety of plumbing applications. One job involved work on inline mixers and pipe casting designed for piping systems with a fluoride mixing component. This work entailed receiving the pre-machined components ranging from 3” – 16” in diameter, which our team masked, sand blasted, removed the tape and residue, then remasked, and finally powder coated. We worked with the customer to apply our finish on unmachined castings to eliminate masking, substantially reducing the price and delivery to the customer. With our team of skilled engineers and technicians, there is no finishing job for which we are unwilling to provide solutions.

If you have a job that requires going beyond standard high-quality finishing, we want you to contact our team today to discuss the finishing and value added services we can provide to meet your needs.

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