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At Advanced Finishing, we are experienced in powder coating parts exposed to potable water. From protecting drinking water from being exposed to lead pipes to safely protecting potable water system valves from corrosion, our NSF approved epoxies can get the job done. Using powder-based epoxies that are NSF/ANSI 61 approved allows us to safely coat parts utilizing our efficient coating methods.

As you can learn by reading further, we can powder coat parts with complex shapes and do so at varying thicknesses to ensure seamless installation can take place upon completion of our work. If you need to safely coat a drinking water exposed part, Advanced Finishing is your source for NSF approved coating services.

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Powder Coating Pipes and Valves with NFS 61 Approved Epoxies

Our epoxy powder coatings are ideally suited for parts involved with the storing or distribution of drinking water. By using epoxies that are NSF 61 approved, we can protect your potable water exposed parts from corrosion without risking harm to end users. If you need a pipe, valve, or other drinking water system part with a complex shape coated in adherence with the NSF/ANSI 61 standard, we have the epoxies and powder coating methods needed to get the job done safely and efficiently.

Safe Coating Solutions for Parts Exposed to Potable Water

If your spec sheet calls for NSF 61 approved epoxy or if you simply need a powder coating solution for parts exposed to drinking water or drinking water treatment chemicals, we can help. As we will describe in greater detail, this leading standard has been carefully crafted by health and industry experts to provide practicable guidelines to companies involved in drinking water system maintenance and production. As a powder coating company, we play a vital role in helping potable water systems function reliably and safely and this standard helps us do so.

Applying Epoxy Powder at Varying Thicknesses

Not only do we provide functional NSF approved coating services, but we can do so flexibly. The epoxy powder coating process is convenient in part because it is well suited to parts with complex shapes. The two application processes we use also make coating at an ideal thickness simple. We can coat in thicknesses from 5mm – 150mm, with our sweet spot coming in the 5mm – 25mm range for most jobs.

What Is the NSF/ANSI 61 Standard?

It may be helpful to learn about what this standard is and how it is continually developed. NSF 61 is formally named the NSF/ANSI 61: Drinking Water System Components – Health Affects standard. This standard aims to provide those who develop, coat, and work with parts involved in drinking water systems maintain consistent health standards. The NSF/ANSI 61 is an American National Standard that is monitored and periodically updated by a group of public health experts, end users of drinking water system components, and those involved in producing these parts.
While this standard has wide-ranging applications, we focus on how it applies to our potable water system epoxy powder coating services. By utilizing NSF approved epoxies, we can help drinking water systems function safely and with excellent resistance to corrosion.

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We want to learn about your drinking water system coating needs so we can offer you a quote. Given our extensive experience, we are confident that Advanced Finishing’ NSF approved coating services will be the right solution if you are looking for an epoxy-based coating solution. When you contact us, you can provide us with drawings or details from your spec sheet. With an understanding of the drinking water system part you need coated, we should have everything needed to prepare a competitively priced quote. We have an 80,000 sqft facility in Pennsylvania which provides us with the capacity needed to get your potable water system powder coating job completed efficiently and with exceptional quality assured.

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