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Common Applications of Advanced Finishing’s Powder Coatings, Wet Paint Finishing, and Value Added Services

At Advanced Finishing, we have the equipment, materials, and over 60 years of expertise needed to successfully complete the most challenging custom powder coating and wet paint finishing projects our customers can require. However, not every finishing job calls for customized services or higher than normal volume, and our team is perfectly suited for this contract finishing work as well.

wood grain powder coating

Wood Grain Powder Coating

Our Decoral licensed wood grain powder coating solutions are often sought after for architectural applications where the attractive appearance and feel of wood is desired, but the maintenance of wood is unfeasible. If you want a beautiful wood look without the real wood hassle, contact us to discuss how our wood grain powder coating and dye sublimation process can serve as the perfect coating for your substrates.

epoxy powder coating

Epoxy Powder Coating

Behind the scenes parts and equipment that require non-permeable and corrosion resistant protection will be well served by our epoxy powder coating services. Advanced Finishing is a certified 3M Applicator of epoxy powder coatings. We have five decades of experience serving industries ranging from electrical to water and beyond. We apply epoxy powder coatings via either a fluid bed dip or electrostatic spray method depending on your part’s dimensions and desired thickness. To learn more about the industries we work with and how our epoxy powder coating services can protect your parts and equipment, continue exploring our website, then contact us to discuss your needs.

polyester powder coating

Polyester Powder Coating

From an entire stadium’s worth of outdoor seating to school and park playground sets, we have provided polyester powder coating solutions to a diverse array of products and parts. Given the ease of applying polyester powder coatings and the qualities these coatings possess, we refer to this solution as the workhorse of the powder coating industry. Polyester powder coatings will protect your parts from corrosion, UV exposure, and wear. With these qualities, our polyester coatings are flexible enough to serve an endless variety of indoor and outdoor applications. To find out how we can affordably coat your parts with a polyester powder solution that matches the exact color you desire and provides long lasting protection, contact us to start a discussion or read further.

industrial painting

Industrial Painting

For medium to high volume work, we can also perform wet paint finishing, which has been primarily utilized by our team to fulfill Military related contracts. With two convenient application methods, we maintain flexibility in how our wet paint can be applied depending on substrate size, shape, and job volume.

value added services

Value Added Services

With the capacity afforded by our 80,000 square foot facility and our team’s decades of combined experience, we can offer value added services that include packaging, delivery, temporary storage, pre-treatment and more. Our goal is to always go above and beyond to meet your finishing needs, and providing custom value added services is just one way we help to achieve this aim.

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