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Top Powder Coating Service Provider in PA

Advanced Finishing has successfully offered high quality wood grain powder coating, epoxy and polyester powder coating, industrial painting, and value added services for over 50 years.


Advanced Finishing is the Leading Powder Coating Provider in the Northeastern USA

Advanced Finishing has been consistently serving the needs of North American customers for over 50 years. Our family-owned business offers elite wood grain powder coating services as well as epoxy and polyester powder coating services, industrial painting, and custom value-added solutions at our purpose-designed 80,000 square foot facility in Erie, PA.



With over five decades in business offering quality finishing solutions, you can rely on the Advanced Finishing team to have the experience needed to handle your job as efficiently as possible. Throughout our time in business, we have successfully completed countless powder coating and industrial painting jobs for industries including the Military, architectural, aerospace, and beyond. No matter how custom your needs may be, we have the skills and experience needed to complete the work precisely as desired.


Since our founding in 1970, quality has been at the forefront of our finishing services. Beginning with the materials and methods used, then continuing throughout the post-finishing inspection process, excellence is ensured at each step. Before your powder coated or painted product ships or becomes available for pickup, the complete quality of our work will be guaranteed. With a tightly adhered to quality assurance system in place, ensuring your finished products’ quality does not get in the way of our ability to offer competitive lead times.


In addition to our breadth of experience and tight quality assurance program, our 80,000 square foot facility lends capacity for complex and large-scale jobs that further set Advanced Finishing apart. We have completed powder coating jobs ranging from the finishing of an entire stadium’s seating to offering value-added services including packaging, temporary storage, and delivery of finished products. No matter the size of your job, our team has the ability to offer a custom solution to meet your unique needs.

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Wood Grain Powder Coating

The Top Wood Grain Powder Coating Provider in the Northeastern USA

Decoral licensed and capable of taking on any wood grain powder coating contract, Advanced Finishing is the ideal choice to serve as your wood grain powder coating provider in the Northeastern USA. Our dye sublimation application method and high-quality powders lend the appearance of real wood without the maintenance and lifespan concerns that wood substrates come with. We invite you to learn more about what our wood grain powder coating services can do for you.

wood grain powder coating
Epoxy Powder Coating

Epoxy Powder Coating Services

Behind the scenes parts and equipment that require non-permeable and corrosion resistant protection will be well served by our epoxy powder coating services. Advanced Finishing is a certified 3M Applicator of epoxy powder coatings. We have five decades of experience serving industries ranging from electrical to water and beyond. We apply epoxy powder coatings via either a fluid bed dip or electrostatic spray method depending on your part’s dimensions and desired thickness. To learn more about the industries we work with and how our epoxy powder coating services can protect your parts and equipment, continue exploring our website, then contact us to discuss your needs.

epoxy powder coating
Polyester Powder Coating

Polyester Powder Coating Services

From an entire stadium’s worth of outdoor seating to school and park playground sets, we have provided polyester powder coating solutions to a diverse array of products and parts. Given the ease of applying polyester powder coatings and the qualities these coatings possess, we refer to this solution as the workhorse of the powder coating industry. Polyester powder coatings will protect your parts from corrosion, UV exposure, and wear. With these qualities, our polyester coatings are flexible enough to serve an endless variety of indoor and outdoor applications. To find out how we can affordably coat your parts with a polyester powder solution that matches the exact color you desire and provides long lasting protection, contact us to start a discussion or read further.

epoxy and polyester powder coating
Industrial painting

Medium and High-Volume Industrial Paint Finishing for the Military and Beyond

From pre-treatment completed in-house or by a trusted local partner to medium and high-volume industrial paint finishing, our team has the equipment and experience needed to complete military painting jobs and more. Learn more about how our batch painting and mil-spec spindle conveyor painting capabilities can serve your industrial paint finishing needs.

wet paint coating
Value Added Services

The Large Facility and Willingness Needed to Offer Custom Value Added Services

If your company needs products coated as well as packaged, stored, delivered, or just ready for pick up on time, Advanced Finishing is the right choice for your job. We take pride in offering creative solutions to complex finishing and distribution challenges and look forward to benefiting your company with our openness to providing custom services. Find out more about value added capabilities and how they can make Advanced Finishing your one-stop finishing source.

value added services


Advanced Finishing was founded in 1970 by Walter J. “Walt” Yahn with the vision of becoming an established force in the then newly emerging powder coating industry. Today, we remain a family-owned finishing business with Walt’s son Greg Yahn at the helm. This unbroken chain of family ownership has helped to ensure that Walt’s founding vision continues to be executed upon with each contract powder coating job we accept and successfully complete.

Mission & Values

Our mission is simple: Provide the highest quality powder coating and industrial painting services possible, while remaining innovative and flexible enough to meet contract customers’ unique needs. Our dedication to finishing quality and customer satisfaction has earned us the reputation as the top powder coating provider in the Northeastern USA, and we work hard to adhere to our stated mission each day.


Conveniently located in Erie, Pennsylvania, our 80,000 square foot facility is situated near the intersection of major interstates including I-80, I-79, and I-90. This advantageous location allows Advanced Finishing to act as both a trusted finishing company and a business that can offer value added services including distribution, packaging, and other post-finishing work that benefits our customers.

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