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Powder coatings from Advanced Finishing represent one of the best ways to protect corrosion exposed metals. We provide various solutions ranging from epoxy power coatings to less common and highly durable options  including Teflon and Kynar powder coatings. A substrate’s intended use and the corrosives you anticipate it being exposed to will help determine which of our coatings is best.

To help you understand benefits and common uses for each, we have provided examples and information about these compounds below. If you are ready to request a quote for one or more of our corrosion resistant powder coatings now or after reading further, you can contact us to get started.

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Epoxy Powder Coatings Can Serve Endless Behind-The-Scenes Uses

Epoxy powder coatings provide exceptional performance in behind-the-scenes applications. Our customers often request an epoxy coating to protect parts exposed to mild corrosives like water and salt, as well as electrical components. When working with potable water or water treatment components, we can apply NSF 61 approved epoxies to ensure the coating is both corrosion resistant and safe for consumers. This is just a small sampling of the extensive coating work epoxy is designed for.

While epoxy has many benefits, some substrates require a coating that is even more durable and resistant to harsher corrosives. In these cases, our Kynar and Teflon powder coatings can be applied individually or in addition to epoxy to add even greater corrosion resistance to the underlying substrate.

Teflon Powder Coatings Are Like Epoxy on Steroids

While epoxy might be the right coating for electrical components and parts exposed to water, other chemical and fluid exposed parts may need a more exotic solution. Teflon coatings, also known as Fluoropolymer powder coatings, are often the better choice for components that can be exposed to high temperatures, acid, UV, and more.

As a thin film coating, Teflon works well as an architectural finish thanks to its exceptional ability to handle UV exposure. When applied thicker, in the range of 10-25mm, Teflon can handle high temperature corrosives. In higher thicknesses, we have used Teflon powder coatings to protect steel pump parts that are exposed to sulfuric acid at 200°F.

Epoxy powder coatings are an excellent, flexible corrosion protection option, but sometimes you need epoxy on steroids for the toughest jobs. When you do, contact us for Teflon Fluoropolymer powder coating.

Consider a Kynar Powder Coat for Exceptional Protection from the Elements

Kynar powder coatings provide similar levels of corrosion protection to Teflon. However, they are unique and can be used for slightly different scenarios, despite some of their qualities overlapping. For example, Kynar coatings have grown to become a popular option when metals that will be exposed to atmospheric corrosives need protection. One common application for Kynar powder is on metal roofs. This resin leaves the coated metal with an attractive appearance while also covering it to provide lasting protection. Unlike epoxy which is not intended for UV exposure, Kynar can handle exposure to daily sun without a problem. If you need to protect a metal roof or other architectural component from weather, chemicals, and UV, our Kynar corrosion resistant powder coatings are a fantastic solution.

Complex Jobs Can Require a Layered Powder Coating Approach

In some instances, an epoxy, Kynar, or Teflon powder coating is not the only anti-corrosion solution a job will need. Sometimes, a layered approach represents a better choice. Roofs and awnings are an example of where a multi-faceted powder coating solution may be needed to provide holistic corrosion protection.

In the case of our multi-layered work protecting metal awnings, we initially applied an epoxy powder coating as a primer. Then, we added a polyester powder top coat. In this case, epoxy proved perfect as the base protective coating. However, as epoxy is not intended for aesthetic purposes or for UV exposed environments, polyester was added to boost protection and add color.

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Regardless of the powder coating or layered approach that best suits your situation, we can apply it in accordance with AAMA specifications. Some of the AAMA specs that even our corrosion resistant powder coatings can meet include 2603, 2604, and the AAMA 2605 spec, which explicitly calls for the use of Kynar or Teflon. In addition to meeting numerous specs, our specialty coatings can even come with 10- or 20-year warranties to back up our quality guarantees.

If you would like to request one or more of our powder coatings or learn more, reach out to Advanced Finishing today.

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