AFUSA is “Finishing” One Project at a Time

Advanced Finishing USA (AFUSA) offers full-service custom powder coating and finishing to customers all over the globe. We coordinate all aspects of production from cleaning, pre-treating, and finishing to assembly, packaging, and drop shipping. Our purpose-designed 80,000 sq. ft. plant is equipped to efficiently handle applications of almost any weight, size, configuration, or quantity.

Our customers rely on us to get their product finished and right the first time at a competitive price. From finishing rubber cones to finishing telephone wires, we can do it all.

Finishing is applying the final coating surface onto a product. Although there are more parts to finishing like adding components, adding a label sticker, or a barcode. Our base may be applying the finish, but other core functions include labeling, stenciling, assembling packaging, and shipping.

There are two types of finishes — functional and static finishes. Functional finishes improve performance and static improves the appearance of the product. While there are many subscripts, AFUSA communicates and works with what’s best for a customer’s product.

We work with our clients to communicate and better their product and make it more efficient. “At AFUSA, we see ourselves as an extension of someone’s business. We want to help businesses reach their maximum product potential” AFUSA President Greg Yahn shares.

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