General Laborer – Heavy Lines

Job Description

Reports to: Line Captain (supervisor)

A General Laborer on the Heavy (Blue/Red) Lines perform any and all tasks on the powder coat lines other than the actual spraying of powder.

**Disclaimer: There is an understanding that the listed duties and requirements are the majority of the necessary position expectation; however the listed items are not all-inclusive. There are general items not listed but expected to be fulfilled, based on the needs of the company, within the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.


  • Able to be trained to understand proper hanging and inspecting procedures
  • Return hooks and other tooling to the proper storage locations
  • Maintain proper housekeeping standards
  • Ensure all parts leaving the area meet customer specifications.
  • Ensure part counts are accurately recorded, and communicated properly for shipment and invoicing.
  • More experienced workers are responsible for understanding and performing the required quality checks, such as adhesion and cure.
  • Inform management of any maintenance or safety issues


  • Use masking tape and plastic plugs to protect specified areas from being coated.
  • Frequent lifting of parts to and from floor level and shoulder level.
  • Learn and understand work and safety rules.
  • Able to keep up with moving conveyor system.
  • Is able to inspect uncoated and coated parts, per customer requirements or quality criteria, and fill out proper inspection and QC reports as required.
  • Performs all other duties as deemed necessary by the Supervisor.
  • Able to work in hot and in humid environments


  • Able to carry 50 pounds waist-high. Able to lift 20 pounds overhead.
  • Able to learn to operate a fork truck is a plus but not a requirement.

Quality Requirements

  • Able to inspect for non-conforming material
  • Understands role in providing a quality product to the Customer.

Safety Requirements

  • Wears appropriate personal Protective Equipment when required.
  • Understands and obeys all Plant Safety Rules.
  • Reports all accidents to the immediate Supervisor.

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