Our 80,000 sq. purpose built plant is equipped to handle a wide range of applications. From 40’ long, heavy I-Beams and 9,000 lb. forgings to 1” X 1” parts. From large runs of 10,000 pieces a day to one-off custom runs we’re the finishing touch you have been looking for.


Whether your order involves a small batch or thousands of individual parts Advanced Finishing USA production facility is designed to match our customer’s needs. Few powder coat companies offer the product volume capability Advanced Finishing provides. We have processed high volume die springs & floor grates at a rate of 10,000 pieces per hour. Our multi-metal line can powder coat up to 6,000 square feet of material per hour. And our Architectural aluminum line can powder coat 2,500 square feet an hour.

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The ability to accommodate large products is what separates Advanced Finishing, USA from competitors. Our multi-metal, Architectural Aluminum, Batch and Corrosion Facilities accommodate products up to 9,000 lbs. and over 40 ft. long. Our Architectural Aluminum line specializes in coating extrusions up to 25’ long in single, or multi-color finishes or designer patterned finishes such as wood grain or marble.

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When what IS NOT covered is just as important as what is covered, Advanced Finishing is your preferred finishing resource. Customers rely on our ability to meet the most complex masking specifications.

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The ability to control the thickness of the coating on the finished product is another distinguishing quality at Advanced Finishing USA. We can apply powder-coated material from 2 to 125 mils thick. When precision layer control is important, you can rely on Advanced Finishing to meet your specifications.

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Advanced Finishing USA has perfected the application of multiple powder-coatings to meet the unique demands of our customers. From a highly protective primer coat, to one and two color coatings to a clear coat to provide that smooth final finish Advanced lives up to its name. Our two to three coat batch process has been the preferred technique for products as diverse as High Speed Rail Transit Cars & Locomotives to Exercise Equipment, Stadium Seating, Outdoor Furniture and Light Fixtures. Your imagination is our only limitation.

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Our commitment to quality products and processes provides our clients with the assurance that the finished product that will adhere to the most stringent standards. We are ISO 9001 compliant. The coatings we use are FDA & DOT approved and meet most AAMA, Military and Automotive specifications. We are a Cardinal, and Sherwin Williams certified vendor.

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