There is no better example of our commitment to excellence than our experience with Military and CARC specification. We approach every project as if the lives of our sons and daughters were dependent on the finish we provide. Advanced Finishing is expert at meeting the most complex Military CARC (Chemical Agent Resistant Coatings) specification.


Whether your product is intended for Military or CARC purposes, Advanced Finishing USA has experience with the most complex and basic applications. From fuel storage tanks, to water containers and electronic equipment, we understand how the products will be used and take the time to ensure the most stringent specifications are fully met.


One of the capabilities that distinguish Advanced Finishing USA Military Spec and CARC services is our ability to meet the most exacting coverage parameters such as when masking and touch up requirements have extreme tolerances. We understand the importance of attaining less than 1% gloss on a finish and how to achieve it. We a strong track record for UV signature and Full CARC coverage to the most exacting specification.

Advanced Finishing provides a finished product that will adhere to the most stringent standards. We are ISO 9001 compliant. The coatings we use are FDA & DOT approved and meet most AAMA, and Military specifications. We are a Cardinal, and Sherwin Williams certified vendor.



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