When it comes to electrical applications, attention to a uniform coating is critical to safety. For over 40 years Advanced Finishing USA has used di-electric powder coating to insulate bus bars, heat sinks and electrical control boxes. You can count on advanced experience to protect people and equipment from electrical shock and shorts.


We coat plain copper and tinned bars ranging in thickness from 1/16” to 1” in widths up to 16” and in lengths up to 24". Advanced Finishing USA can apply powder coatings from 2 to 125 mils in both functional epoxy coating and die-electric polyester coating. We work with Power Generation and Distribution industries and OEM’s to produce bus bars, heat sinks and electrical enclosures for high-voltage applications. Our operators are trained in reading prints and can mask even the most challenging configuration.


Powder coating with functional epoxies and polyester coatings are the most common options for insulation against electric shock. The powder can be sprayed, dipped or both depending on the insulating properties required and the complexity of the part. Spraying can attain a thickness of 20 mils while coatings up to 125 mils can be attained through dipping and use of special powder compounds designed for that purpose.

Advanced Finishing U.S.A. strives to use only environmentally friendly materials, and takes pride in maintaining a zero discharge status with the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.


Attaining a safe, non-conductive coating is dependent on applying a uniform, di-electric film free from pinholes, voids, gaps and seams across the entire surface of the coating. Taking the time to apply multiple coats and carefully controlling the thickness of the coating is the key to a safe and durable electrical resistant coating. And just to be sure, parts can be spark tested up to 20,000 volts.

Advanced Finishing can accommodate items up to 84?long X 32?High X 24?wide in our spray/dip area. Our capacity for spray only coatings is as-large-as 40?long X 10?high X 8?wide.

Di-electric coatings can be dip applied up to 125 mils using a special powder compounds designed for that purpose. Thicknesses up to 30 mils can be attained by spraying with multiple coats.



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